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BSGACQUA specializes in the design, marketing, installation and commissioning of systems for the bio-treatment of wastewater. We offer a broad portfolio of solutions and services for the comprehensive treatment of water in homes and industry. Our projects incorporate biotechnology and sustainable tools of last generation that will be applied to the treatment of waste water in those places which still do not have a sewer system.

Our technology excels in current systems using the principle of bed in movement MBBR, or biofilm by strains selective specialized in the degradation of different organic and inorganic compounds, housed in plastic elements, called carriers, within reactors with an aeration system, form a bed in rotary motion, generating a centrifugal system for the treatment of waste water.

Our solutions have significant benefits such as: 

Ability to hibernate.

The treatment process is resumed once the water comes back to the system.

Broad compliance with environmental regulations in force for dumping and reuse.

We comply with the current rules in force.

Low maintenance and operation cost.

Self-cleaning of the bioreactors. Minimum workforce operational.

We are committed to the comprehensive management of the water resource

By using the bio-treatment and regeneration of the waters, domestic and industrial, with next-generation technologies, to contribute to the prevention, abatement and control of the environmental impact of dumping.